Birds Photo Click 166: Capped Wheatear.

Oenanthe pileata Photographed in South Africa. The Capped Wheatear is distributed in Africa, from Kenya and Angola down south to the Cape. It is mostly a non-migratory species, but undertakes some seasonal movements. It's preferred habitat is open, dry sandy and stony habitats, including deserts, but also savannah and grasslands with scattered bushes and termite... Continue Reading →

Birds Photo Click 39: Greater Hoopoe- lark.

Alaemon alaudipes Photographed on Comino, Malta. The Greater Hoopoe- Iark is a breeding resident of arid, desert and semi-desert regions from the Cape Verde Islands across much of northern Africa, through the Arabian PeninsulA, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Four subspecies are recognized, based on distribution. Photographed in Malta It is a very peculiar lark,... Continue Reading →

Birds Photo Click 165: Common Tern.

Sterna hirundo Photographed in Mongolia. The Common Tern has a circumpolar distribution. Their are four subspecies breeding in temperate and subarctic regions of Europe, Asia and North America. It is a strongly migratory species, wintering in coastal tropical and subtropical regions. They often venture out of their region and on occasions, they are recorded way... Continue Reading →

Art in Nature 48.

The Milky Way Galaxy, Photographed from South Africa. If you start thinking you are bigger than life... Look up at the night sky... and you will soon realize your real dimension.

Insects Photo Click 17: Small Tortoiseshell.

Aglais urticae Photographed in Mongolia. The Small Tortoiseshell is a beautiful, colourful, butterfly which is found wherever Common Nettle is found, from temperate Europe to Asia Minor, Central Asia, Siberia, China, Nepal, Sikkim Himalayas in India, Mongolia, Korea and Japan. There are a few scattered records outside it’s range, but these are probably, escaped or... Continue Reading →

Birds Photo Click 164: Brown Skua.

Stercorarius antarcticus Photographed off the Western Cape, South Africa. The Brown Skua also know as Antarctic Skua or Subantarctic Skua is a large skua that breeds in the subantarctic and Antarctic zones. Outside the breeding season they move further north. It is the heaviest of the skuas, often equal to the largest gulls. Photographed off... Continue Reading →

Insects Photo Click 13: Small Copper.

Photographed in Sicily, Italy. Lycaena phlaeas Photographed in Sicily. The Small Copper is a small, beautiful butterfly, found in the Holarctic. It is widespread and common across Europe, Asia, North America, and also found in North Africa south through to Ethiopia. Males set up territories and will defend the area tenaciously against any other males... Continue Reading →

Art in Nature 19.

Oak tree photographed in Malta. New beginnings. In a scar, marking an old trunk, the base of a very old tree, hundreds of years old, a testament of time…New life begins.Art in Nature 19.

Birds Photo Click 44: Changeable Hawk- eagle.

Nisaetus cirrhatus Photographed in Sri Lanka. The Changeable Hawk-eagle, also known as Crested Hawk-eagle is the most widespread of it’s genus. It’s extensive range, includes much of the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia. It is largely a resident species, but stragglers have been observed in other countries, in which it is not a resident species.... Continue Reading →

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