A Noisy Neighbour.

In life, sometimes you encounter episodes that are hard to describe, or for others to believe. One such episode, happened to me at Masai Mara, in Kenya.

The park is themeing with wildlife. Wildlife of all sorts. Mammals are the main attraction but there is plenty more to see. Birds, reptiles, insects, amphibians, you name it you have it. There is an abundance, of both variety and numbers. It is a haven of natural wonders, for anyone with an interest in wildlife. From biologists to conservationists, from keen enthusiasts to ametuer naturalists, all can be entertained. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy.

One day, following a mind blowing trip along the park, full of wildlife observations and photography, my friends and I, accompanied by our guide, Joseph and the driver sat down for a sumptuous dinner. We enjoyed, the well prepared meal at the camp, in a setting along the Mara River. The atmosphere was idyllic.

Above us, the sky was lit by uncountable stars. The only noises, came from a herd of nearby hippos and the occasional hoot of an owl, interrupted by the occasional laugh from the group. But the real sound that dominated the night was an incessant, chorus of crickets.

After dinner, we all headed to our camps, to get an early night sleep, so that we could be ready on our feet, before dawn, for yet another day of wildlife exploration.I was just about to head into a deep sleep, when I heard a thumping noise. This was followed by heavy footsteps, and a hussle of leaves. A grunt and a series of snorting noises and heavy breathing, followed. By this time, my eyes were wide open, and I was totally alert, as I jumped out of bed. So did my friends, as our curiousity grew stronger. What was this beast, lurking outside our tents? We almost went out of the camp, to check. But both our knowledge and common sense indicated for the contrary. So we waited anxiously. The beast outside the tent, came closer and closer, and suddenly it was scraping the tent with what sounded, like a huge body. At one point we heard one of the camp attendants, calling to stay put in our tents. The beast, whatever it was, moved on, and its presence felt more distant, until we heard no more.

Excited and curious we went out to ask what it was. The reply from the guides took us by surprise. The species was the least expected to barge into the camp. The beast, that had just scraped its side, to our tent was a rare, Rhino! It was the same individual, that we saw and photograped, during the previous afternoon. It was truly a rare occasion, as generally, rhinos keep away from human settlements, let alone come into a fenced, camp site.

The next moring, as we set for another day trip, we saw the camp attendants, busily employed, in putting up a fence. The fence, that the rhino had brought down, during the previous night.

What an experience. Africa. Yes, the magical continent, had done it again.

Black Rhino
Spotted Hyena
African Elephant

Rainbow at the Masai Mara

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