Birds Photo Click 122: Asian Green Bee- eater.

Merops orientalis

Photographed in Sri Lanka.

The Asian Green Bee-eater, also known as Little Green Bee- eater, is widely distributed across Asia from coastal southern Iran, east through the Indian subcontinent to Vietnam. The populations found in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula have now been split into separate species, called; African Green Bee- eater and Arabian Green Bee-eater, respectively.

Photographed in Sri Lanka.

It is generally a resident bird, but in some regions it has some seasonal movements.

Photographed in Sri Lanka.
Photographed in Sri Lanka.

Their diet consists mainly of insects which they hawk in mid- air, by doing sorties, taking off from perches. These perches can be unusually low, even less than a metre from the ground. Like all bee- eaters, before swallowing their prey, they remove stings or hard exoskeletons from their prey. Any eventual hard parts that are swallowed, are then regurgitated as pellets.

Photographed in Sri Lanka.

Their preferred habitat is open country with bushes, and are often very tame, even towards humans.

A characteristic of this species, is that, unlike other bee- eater species, it can often be found far away from water.

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